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A clean exterior frame and square beads give a modern appearance.

Metro awning window with Miro window fastener.

The 40mm window frame is versatile and strong.


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  Aluminum window frames with double glazing can be installed in your new home or retrofitted into your existing home. Double glazing traps in the heat so you'll be warmer in the winter months and also minimizes condensation for a dry, healthy home.

Custom window frames to suit your home

Your windows will be measured or specs can be taken from a building plan to ensure that your new window frames fit your home or commercial building perfectly. The aluminium frames are manufactured to your specs in our Mount Maunganui factory and delivered direct.

.Aluminium - the window frame of choice

Aluminium is the material of choice for most window frames and has a wide range of positive benefits These benefits include:

• Minimized maintenance

• The long life of Aluminium window compared to timber window frames
• Aluminium windows are light and strong with a superior strength to weight ratio
• Non toxic and doesn’t release any odours or taint other products it may come in contact with
• Wide colour choice via powder coating …also the potential of dual colour’s interior versus exterior when thermally broken
• Dimensional stability
• Not affected by harsh Southern Hemisphere UV light
• Recyclability

About Aluminium

Aluminium Windows have one major disadvantage in that it is a highly conductive carrier of heat or cold. It is 10 times more conductive than glass and has a thermal result 15%-20% worse than timber. This one disadvantage can be overcome via use of Technoform’s thermal barrier a high technology glass reinforced polyamide strip which acts a “thermal break” or barrier between the inside and outside portions of the window frame and between the 2 panes of glass in a double glazed unit.

The Technoform system uses a highly engineered precision polyamide strip including glass fibers for added strength and durability. The thermal break becomes an integral part of the aluminium window once it's crimped into the aluminium profile at the time of manufacturing. It is able to withstand the 200+ degree heat during the powder coating (painting) process as the frames of the aluminium windows are coloured.. It also possesses excellent mechanical strength

.In simple terms thermally broken aluminium windows stops the transfer of heat and cold via the window frames. Without a thermal break an aluminium window is a bit like a picket fence with the gap between boards being like the window frame allowing the ready transference of heat and cold via the gap.

Specifying high performance, thermally broken aluminium joinery provides year round comfort, energy savings and the minimisation of condensation build up.

The thermal break of Aluminium windows also improves other window characteristics by

• Helping to eliminate condensation build up
• Reduces exterior noise transference
• The Thermal break in aluminium windows avoids the need for unsightly condensation sill trays in the window frames.

Wide range of coloured aluminium

Whatever colour your home or office is, there is powder coated or anodised aluminum to suit. Window frames and accessories come in 28 common colours and there are many more custom colours available so you can always find the window frame to suit your needs.